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Our mission at ZL builders is to transform your visions into a professional standard landscape solution. Every aspect of your garden matters in isolation when creating or recreating your ideal outdoor space, this is why careful management, experience and skilled craftsmanship is heavily important. Whether its just a small refurbishment or a complete renovation, ZL builders are committed to providing you with an outstanding service. We have a wide portfolio of gardens that showcases our high quality materials, efficiency and tradesmanship. To organise a consultation and receive a quote, please contact us for more details.


New building projects


With exceptional organisation and a wealth of experience, we approach building projects with a clear outcome that exceeds the expectations of our clients. To achieve this, we draft out the initial idea into fully drawn out plans which allows us to manage and execute projects both efficiently and successfully. Our team combined have a wide skill-set which gives our clients peace of mind as tasks are set out and easily achieved within the deadlines given. Starting a beautiful project is easier than you think. Arrange a consultation by contacting us.


Garage Conversion


Want to maximize your properties potential? A garage conversion might be just what you're looking for. With real estate prices increasing, a garage conversion is an ideal way to bring your house price up, not to mention the endless benefits of having more space. Our team of skilled builders carefully plan and professionally manage the conversion factoring in both design and practicality ensuring that not only will you have a larger house but also one that is aesthetically pleasing. Request a consultation by getting in touch.


Internal and external renovation


Extending your property is not the only way to boost your home's value and aesthetics. Internal and external renovations are a great way to update and modernise your home. Initial benefits would be the increase in value, especially after factoring in the external renovations. Our visions and our clients visions are remastered into scaled drawings which allow our team to maximise your houses potential. The renovations are then precisely managed to ensure that our work is professionally done.




Looking to start a family or just looking to develop? We can help you to not only improve but increase the size of your property. Whilst letting more light into your home and utilising ground level space to accommodate your needs. We use an array of quality materials such as roof lighting and windows that are designed to give your home a beautiful, modern feel, and extending your home can be extremely beneficial when it comes to selling, as in areas such as London the selling prices can be increased thoroughly through extensions.




With the current prices of moving house and house prices around London considered, it is a better time than any to consider developing underground. We offer a professional service that includes planning, design and construction. We strive to provide you with a tailor-made service, whilst working on schedule and within your budget.




Our renovation specialists will interpret your ideas and work with you to create a bathroom that is modernised and fits in perfectly with your budget. We can give you accurate quotes on the work required, considering colour combinations, high quality materials and space usage. Our aim is to give you a completely stress-free experience whilst ensuring your home is kept clean and in good condition during installation.




Looking to modernise your kitchen or renovate your existing design? Our professionals are trained to remove all existing kitchen units and install new ones with expert training in plumbing, electronics and carpentry. Modernise your kitchen and increase the initial value of your property. We can give you an accurate quote and suggestions based on quality, needs and most importantly creating a quality kitchen that lines in perfectly with your budget without the worry of additional expenses.


Loft Conversions


Are you getting the most out of your house? If not, a loft conversion could be a viable option rather than moving house to achieve more space. We can make initial suggestions as to what sort of conversion would be most suitable, help to interpret the initial designs, and obtain planning permission. We are committed to using the highest quality materials only, and follow the professional process at a competitive price. Loft Conversions with overhead skylights create beautiful natural lit rooms, and can help to increase space and the value of your home.

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